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More dates, effortless socializing, bulletproof confidence... Charisma-X provides you with the tools, resources & power to look good, feel great and perform your best. Ancient wisdom combined with modern science - learn to show up a more confident, calm, charismatic version of yourself.

Charisma For Business Training

What if you invested in building yourself - or your team, as you do your business & career?

For ambitious professionals, executives, thought-leaders, consultants, managers, influencers, owners, entrepreneurs & any individuals or professional service business with a growth mindset looking to take their game to the next level... and beyond.

Social Dynamics / Human Behaviour Events & Workshops

Weekend Workshops
(In progress)

These weekend workshops will be an intensive 2 or 3 day event with specific focus topics such as inner game, dating, relationships, influence, biohacking, and more. Sign up for the newsletter below to keep posted.



char·is·ma   |   kəˈrɪz.mə

adjective:  charismatic

1. possessing an extraordinary ability to attract, charm, and influence the people around you

- “a charismatic leader

- synonyms:  charm, personal magnetism, exuding confidence, alluring personality, effortless attraction, likeable & powerful, influential, strength of character

2. a captivating, magnetic charm or appeal

- “smooth and sexy"


noun:  charisma


x fac·tor   |   ˈeks ˈfaktər  

adjective:  the x-factor

1. an exceptional talent or quality that you cannot describe which makes someone very special

- "I don't know what it is about him, he's just got that x-factor"

- synonyms:  extraordinary, interesting, significant, unusual, unique, indescribable

2. an unknown or unexplained element that makes someone or something more interesting or valuable

- “I just can't put my finger on his influence"


noun:  x-factor

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