I've spent the last 20+ years mastering the art & science behind human behaviour – social, biological & psychological - & got good, really good, at it.

Now, I Train People On How To "Show Up" In Life

How to show up the most confident, calm, alluring version of themselves - with a commanding presence.

This my friends, is "charisma."

It's smooth & sexy in a genuine, natural, true-to-yourself kinda way.

How I got here - A brief history...

Long story short, what I was doing wasn't working. Traditional methods didn't get me results & I couldn't afford real help - so I was forced to come up with a solution of my own.

It's because I've spent the last 20+ years mastering mindset, people skills, leadership, & what it takes to have relentless courage - and got good, really good at it, that I can show you how to do the same in far less time.

If you'd like to be remarkably comfortable around the opposite sex, handle social situations with ease, gain confidence within yourself, be the influencers within your circle, or how to, well... be charismatic, I've got you covered.

Why Charisma-X...

Simply put, I discovered that there are ways to do things better than what the majority has taught us. 

“Charisma-X” is my proprietary process I've developed to uncover the 'X-Factor' - the difference that makes the difference when it comes to getting exponentially faster, permanent results in life, relationships, & business.

Based on the marriage between biohacking (think biology "hacks" or shortcuts) & my deep obsession with human behaviour.

Things People Either Love Me For Or Can't Stand About Me...

(which I've learned to embrace)

I'm a research junkie

I love getting to the core of the why behind the why. This is foundational to creating change. 

I'm very data driven

Seeing things for what they are - not what I want them to be, is a muscle that needed to be trained.

I love people...

What makes them tick and why they do what they do. Human behaviour is fascinating.

I'm a recovering perfectionist

Ah, the ego, self-esteem & self-worth. I've learned to accept (myself) more. 

I have an issue with overwhelm

Too much on the go, too many things to do, and never enough time.

I'm extremely methodical

Near everything in life can be broken into a system and/or process. 

Be that irresistible person those around you are naturally attracted to.

Who I Work With...

It's not so much about the age and gender as much as it's about the person and their willingness to learn, grow and improve themselves. I look for people that have a growth mindset.

My ideal client is someone who's tried everything else with no luck and/or are ready for change. They've committed to getting this area of their life figured out and are willing to put in the work.

What I'm not into is quick-fixes and flavour of the week tricks and tactics. There are other people out there who'd love to take your money for this sort of thing - just not me.

The Charisma-X Methodology

The Charisma-X methodology consists Of three core pillars:


Self Mastery

When you win the inner game, inherently, the outer game takes care of itself. This is where real change happens.


Social/Emotional IQ

This is "street smarts" vs "book smarts" in life, love & business - and it's a skillset that can be learned.  


Social Influence

Attract & Influence. An authentic, personal magnetism that'll put you in the power position - every time. 

Specific tools, systems, processes, models - all backed by the latest neuroscience, psychology, research, & in field experience.

Now It's Your Turn...

What can I help you with?

Enjoy A Better Social Life

Finally, get total confidence in mindset, dating, relationships, & social situations. Become the most alluring, commanding, & confident version of yourself with personal, 1:1 instruction.

Boost Your Career/Team

Do business better with the latest in science, technology & human behaviour. Let me help you &/or your team develop the essential skills to be a leader, gain trust, close deals & get sh*t done.

Share Wisdom At Your Event

Need fresh content & not the same re-hashed material for your next event, show, site, podcast or publication? Shoot me all your details below & I'll get back to you within 1-2 business days.

Let me help you &/or your team develop the essential skills to be a leader & project a magnetic personality - one that others respect & love to be around.

Let's Talk.

Connect with me here for speaking, charisma training, or other media requests.


char·is·ma   |   kəˈrɪz.mə

adjective:  charismatic

1. possessing an extraordinary ability to attract, charm, and influence the people around you

- “a charismatic leader

- synonyms:  charm, personal magnetism, exuding confidence, alluring personality, effortless attraction, likeable & powerful, influential, strength of character

2. a captivating, magnetic charm or appeal

- “smooth and sexy"


noun:  charisma


x fac·tor   |   ˈeks ˈfaktər  

adjective:  the x-factor

1. an exceptional talent or quality that you cannot describe which makes someone very special

- "I don't know what it is about him, he's just got that x-factor"

- synonyms:  extraordinary, interesting, significant, unusual, unique, indescribable

2. an unknown or unexplained element that makes someone or something more interesting or valuable

- “I just can't put my finger on his influence"


noun:  x-factor

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