Charismatic People Command Attention, Gain More Respect, & Move Up The Ladder Faster.

In A World Of 1's & 0's, There's No Better Way To Set Yourself Apart & Have The Unfair Advantage Than Mastering The Human Element

There's a huge shortcoming with the vast majority of other business & sales training out there - even the most advanced training...

That is, they're heavy on skill & light (or non-existent) on the personal side - this is why you can give a skill to two people & get two wildly different results.

Take note: The techniques are not as important as what's going on on the inside!

What do you - or your team, want to get better at?:

Potent PEOPLE SKills 

Let's crank your personal magnetism to 11 & position yourself as THE authority in your world.

INFLUENCE & Persuasion

Get what you want - faster. Use profiling & linguistic techniques to identify what motivates & what drives your opponents.


An education in attention. Discover how to get into “The Zone” & stay there in a world full of distractions.


Learn how to biohack (think biology shortcuts) the perfect day for optimal energy & cognitive performance.

Do business better with the latest in science, technology & human behaviour.

Ideal For...

Ambitious professionals, executives, HNWI, thought-leaders, consultants, managers, influencers, owners, entrepreneurs & any individuals or professional service business with a growth mindset looking to take their game to the next level... and beyond.

What If You Invested In Building Yourself Or Your Team As You Do Your Business & Career?

Starting with the end in mind, every interaction with me includes practical, actionable advice you & your group can implement right away.

Create instant rapport with anyone you come into contact with.

Handle difficult conversations & people with ease.

Cultivate assertiveness to set boundaries with colleagues & clients.

Project confidence & be more convincing in your presentations.

Take your selling & negotiation skills to a whole new level.

Do networking that actually works - & effectively nurture those connections.

Harness the power to take action & beat the procrastination demons.

Establish a framework to influence & be respected by those around you.

Maintain a calm & centered demeanour for faster, more rational decisions.

Develop the essential skills to be a leader & project a magnetic personality.

Charisma embodies the essence of confidence, self-respect, self-mastery, passion, purpose, influence, like-ability... And they're a must-have for success in modern times.

Let me help you &/or your team develop the essential skills to be a leader, gain trust, close deals & get sh*t done.

Being charismatic puts you in the power position... And it's a skill that can be learned.

Success In Business & In Life Comes Down To Two Things... People & Processes

Dating, relationships, negotiation, sales, marketing, social dynamics, behavioural economics, human biology, neuroscience, decision making, psychology of money...

One may think that these are widely different topics, yet at the core of each, they’re all the same:

  1. They all involve people – what makes them tick & why they do what they do.
  2. They can all be broken down into a process. We're habitual & pattern recognition creatures. Learn to leverage how you're naturally wired - rather than work against it.   

Individual, Corporate, Or Group Training...

Top performer? Or plan to be?
Then charisma isn’t an option - it's a necessity.


Develop essential leadership skills to increase your output & project a magnetic personality - one that commands respect & others aspire to be around.


Have your group understand better what makes people tick & why they do what they do. Get your equipped to handle difficult situations with ease.


These hands-on workshops focus on positioning within your market, boosting your team’s performance, &/or increasing your own personal output.

No Matter Where You're Located In The World.


Skype, Zoom... As long as you've got an internet connection, we're good to go. 


I love in-person as the dynamics are totally different. I also love to travel. 

What To Expect With Hands On Training

Private sessions &/or live workshops - All done in a way that’s easy for the audience to understand, keeps them engaged, & wanting to learn more.


If another book or course did the trick, you wouldn't be on my site. The best way to learn & make permanent change is experiential & hands on.


Most of the advice & training out there is either out of reach or just not practical. Get material that you can actually act upon right away. 


It's not enough to just get the basics. Get additional tools & resources to really internalize & solidify the 'why' behind what you've just learned.


There's a saying, "Methods are many, principles are few. Methods always change, principles never do." I teach principles that stand the test of time.

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